About Us

Give a helping hand for poor people

The WINDSON CHARITABLE TRUST , Karnataka is a voluntary organization established in the year 2002-03 and registered under Indian Trust Act, and working in the rural and urban areas of Bangalore district, Karnataka. The organization specially works on IT Education, Skill Training, women empowerment, Institution development at local level, livelihood, Child Protection, Education, Old Age Caring and Health.

The Key Person of the Organization is closely associated with various social organisation for a long period during which developed a deep insight into the issues and problems the people of women, backward areas and rural areas of the district. The Organisation works at the grassroots level in urban and villages/hamlets for social, cultural, economical, technological, and environmental development of rural and urban slum communities of the region. It visualizes itself as an agency dedicated to enabling the marginalized rural and urban slum communities comprising poor women, peasants, landless and unemployed youth to develop and improve the resource base in their own natural environment and to acquire the necessary knowledge and skills which can be used to improve their quality of life.

The Organisation has adopted the concept of Community Development in terms of Organization, Social Mobilization, Continuing Education, and Rural Development Management based on local needs, resources, capacity, skills, and cultural milieu.

Vision of Organization

Happy & Healthy life of Elderly People, Economic empowerment, improved information, education to street children, Education and health services were considered to be essential elements of development programs. Central to all these have been the question of enlisting community participation, communication, and management. This vision has been the heart of the Organisation.

Mission of the Organization

The mission is to facilitate and provide shelter the deprived and subjugated Old Aged, women, Children and BPL to gain access to their entitlements, which is their right and keep our environment green and clean and Providing education to street children.

With a firm belief in the essential dignity of the community and in their capability to overcome the forces that exploit them, the Organisation views development as a process of empowerment, focusing on people’s participation and the creation of groups and associations at the local level.

Our Motto

The Organisation broadly aims at establishing and conducting Elderly Care Home and facilitating socio-economic and personal status development of the people and contributing to alleviate their problems and sufferings in their own environmental habitat. The objectives of the Organisation are:

  1. To facilitate. human development (HD) and human resources development (HRD) in a holistic manner, particularly among rural poor including the women.
  2. To establish and conduct Elderly Care Home.
  3. To organize workshops, seminars, orientation/training, and consultation meetings;
  4. To help to build-up community organization at the grassroots level and facilitate their decision making, management capability; and empowerment;
  5. To initiate welfare programs particularly focused on community women, infusing in them a sense of confidence in achieving success, and facilitating their direct involvement in development activities; and
  6. To endeavor for getting-together the voluntary agencies functioning in the region including the new and budding ones for cooperation to work and learn from each other’s experiences.
  7. To provide Health Services to needy people.
  8. To provide caring, medical, residential facilities to needy old aged persons.
  9. To Provide Education to all.

Major Focus Issues...

THE WINDSON CHARITABLE TRUST has been working from since 2002-2003

THE WINDSON CHARITABLE TRUST has been working for the Elderly Care on top priorities,

because there are so many destitute older people suffering from loneliness, health problems, no body to care them, no one to give them company etc.; our NGO is working for them delicately to provide them the required significant elements for their healthy & happy life.

Shelter for Elderly :

We have established a shelter home with residential facilities where every types of facilities and things are available for inmates who come here or live here, some of them come here for day time for their company and also receive some essential services like medical check-up, exercises, nutrition and foods; some elderly people are residing here and the staff and volunteers of the NGO provide them every time of care and services for their healthy and happy life.

We are also in process to establish these shelter homes at different places and cities as per requirement and available infrastructure and fund.

Education Programme for Children

The Institution has been conducting out read and write skill programme for street children who are not going school even not enrolled in any schools, volunteers of the Institution go to slum areas and underprivileged areas and motivate children and their parents to send their children in our education centre to get primary education and after completing their primary education make effort to admit them in any formal school for further education. Seven education centres are being conducted by the institution at various places of Bangalore’s slum areas. The main of this activity to educate these underprivileged children and motivate them to join main stream of society otherwise maximum of them are get indulged in various malpractices.

Our Updates

Updates of NGO works to be updated….(direct Posting)

Our Fund Sources

a. Members Contributions

Members and Associate members contribute generously for the major objective of the Organisation

b. Public Donation:

Public Donation is ultimate sources of fund collection, we receive fund from public for our core objectives and also we provide them receipt of their donation if they want Tax deduction as we are having 80G.

c. CSR:

According to 2013 Amendment in Company Act by Ministry of Corporate Affairs, corporate has to spend 2% of income (accordingly rules) for charitable purpose as Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), our organisation is also making efforts to get CSR Fund for it’s ongoing projects.